Happily Ever After may seem trite to some in this day and age, but, frankly, it’s seemed trivial to those same poor souls throughout history.

Not all HEA’s are the same. Some happy endings will be marriage, some will be kids, some will be alone. The trick to an HEA is to know your client (or yourself) and what will get that HEA for you. Then, to be patient. You can’t force an HEA. You can’t plug in person X for person Y, you’ll need to wait until you find that ending that is yours.

Most of the HEA’s, I deal with are of the One Woman, One Man variety and most end in marriage. But, I’m not the only specialist out there, so my way is not the only way.

The HEAT has been proven over many years and many cases.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a step by step to your own Happily Ever After, as each person’s HEA is unique. Not to mention, I use magic and cunning to fulfill my clients’ desires. Cunning, I’m sure you have. Magic? Probably not.

This doesn’t mean you won’t get a HEA of your own. Nor does it mean you can’t apply HEAT to your own life. Listen to that little voice inside. Clear away all the other clutter, all those other voices that bring you down and you’ll be all right.

My cases are usually the tough cases. The cases with curses.

Come enter my world,

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